Question by mommy2trey05: Need to have help decorating new bathroom vanity?
almost everything in this bathroom is beige/almond
marble floors
the shower will have a glass enclosure

heres the pics

i require things to place on the vanity prime that will look nice
i was considering a mirrored vanity tray for my perfumes..
im 21 so i dont want anything old fashioned. im looking for contemporary, modern
i need a sink set too (toothbrish holder, towel holder, qtip dish, and so on)
also need to have to know what colour towels i must get, and maybe a clock? idk
im ordering almost everything online so if you can help me out i would tremendously appreciate it

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Answer by Cammie
Your bathroom is lovely.
here are some tips :|60184- The blue is beautiful.|60176
Enjoy your new spot.

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Require aid decorating new bathroom vanity?
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