Query by Lila: Need to have support settng up a portable makeup station?
I am trying to set up a transportable makeup station in ym property. I am a makeup artist who works from house. But I dont have a spearate room to function from. I use my living area. the day time lighting is wonderful but at evening its awful. I want to set up vitalite fluorescent lights but i want them to be removabe. i reside in a rental so it cant damage the walls. anyone have suggestions? a light on a stand? Or a tube that i can hang from my blinds? my livingroom is kinda open strategy. one particular wall is all glass and the opposite side is the dining table. 3rd side has the television and opposite is the sofa. I have a corner that has a fireplace and mirror above it. It has a mantelpiece which I think I can put the lights below. Its about 5′ high.

Any recommendations would assist drastically! Thanks!!
The stand with lights appears excellent but it has to have vitalite fluorescent lights due to the fact they are the closest to sunlight and consequently the very best lighting for performing trial runs for bridal makeup(which is typically daytime). Maybe a fluorescent tube? that i can put at the window ad have clientele facing it?

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Answer by Christina M
Stay in the living space if you like it. Acquire a light that portable, and has wonderful lighting. Go to Wal* Mart, and Its movealbe so you place the light had been you want it.

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Q&A: Require aid settng up a transportable makeup station?
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