Query by A particular person: Pregnant- need help with area/furniture themes!?
I just found out that I’m pregnant with twin boys. I currently have two other boys, and because we have to make space for the babies anyway, my husband are performing a tiny remodeling.

We want to place my boys Gabe (7) and Parker (four) in 1 room and the twins Blake and Bentley in another area. The rooms are conjoined by the bathroom though, which we genuinely like. The twins area will be jungle themed, and the older boys will be sports themed.

For the twins, we are hunting for cribs, dressers, high chairs, and something else that revolves around the jungle theme.

For the older boys room, we are hunting for beds, dressers, and anything else that revolves about the sports them.

And lastly, my husband and I want support with automobile-seats for the twins. What brand must we go with?

Links to sites/photographs/shops would be wonderful! The a lot more certain, the better. Thank you!

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Answer by boneheaderss
The safest auto seat is a single that fits your child, your car, and is employed appropriately every single and every single time. The brand of the automobile seat doesn’t matter.

By no means get a vehicle seat unless your attempt it out in your automobile. Not all car seats fit all cars. You want to find the 1 that will fit your car (and preferably straightforward to install). Toys R Us will let you attempt out the show model in your car. Car crashes are the top cause of both disability and death for children below 12 years of age in the United States. Statistics show that 95% of vehicle seats are used or installed incorrectly. Car seat manuals ARE confusing, so please get your seat checked by a child passenger safety technician (CPST). It should be totally Free to get your seat checked. You can locate a single at http://www.seatcheck.org/ State laws offer really minimal levels of defending youngsters in auto crashes. I have several links relating to best practice. (I hope these hyperlinks are helpful)!

On every single rear facing vehicle seat, the harness requirements to be positioned at or slightly under the shoulders. It is important simply because in a crash, the youngster will slide toward the best of the car seat shell. Infant automobile seats are outgrown rather quickly, normally within six-12 months. If you nevertheless want the comfort of an infant auto seat, I would go with the Britax B-Safe or the Graco Snugride 35 as they have genuinely slow slots for the harness. The Graco Snugride 35 has an approximate low slot of 6 inches with the infant pad. The Britax B-Protected has naturally slow slots so you don’t have to use any infant inserts- the lowest slot is about five and 1/two inches. There are far more car seats, that fit newborns- the thought is to get your tape measure out and measure the lowest slot. I would go with a slot less than 7 inches. The Chicco Essential Match 30 is also a great vehicle seat for newborns. Just bear in mind that some infant seats come with infant inserts that may not be on the show model. This will affect measurements.

Did you know that a rear facing child is five times safer than a front facing kid? The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that all kid stay rear facing in convertible vehicle seats until they are at LEAST two years old. They advise this for a really essential explanation. Those causes are described in the subsequent two links:

Also, ideal practice dictates to preserve little ones in a harness until they are mature enough for a booster seat. Most kids aren’t mature enough for a booster till they are around age 5-7. Click the video below to find out the safety advantages of maintaining little ones in a five point harness longer

A booster seat’s job is to position the adult seat belt correctly on a kid. An ill-fitting seat belt can cause severe injury in a crash. Youngsters need to use a booster seat until they past the 5 step test which is descibed in the hyperlinks. Most children need to have to be making use of boosters till they are 10-12 years old.
http://www.boosttil8.org/ (please watch the video)

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