Question by Brown Really like: Makeup vanity lighted?
I was going purchase tap on light/battery operaty to save a lot of time wiring. But I read reviews how lousy and diming they are , so I choose to invest in double sided mirror (3x magification) with led light that sit on dresser , a lot ppl say it better as they sit on chair and do makeup routine with no have to worrying about light/makeup.

I wanna know if it is better? If so , which a single? I wanna try Coniar since it has long-lasting battery, light, and is less expensive.

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Answer by Kaitlyn Levine ♥
I think I have this Conair Mirror and it’s quite cool:

I got it from Bed Bath and Beyond and it has 4 light settings: day, workplace, evening and house

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Q&A: Makeup vanity lighted?
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