Question by Brown Enjoy: Can you review lighted makeup mirror for me?
I am getting one particular next month, due to the fact some ppl say vanity mirror is $ 100 or expensive, It will be wasting time wiring light then in final you never know if it is hot causing you sweating?

I have been seeking on amazon to see which a single is the ideal makeup mirror lighted, I was hoping for Conair double sided it is only $ 19 in some retailers but it was reviewed by some reviers that it terrible not ebough light , Revlon mirror is low-cost but it dims as one says.

I am lost , what is a wonderful and vibrant lighted makeup mirror sitting (not fall) on wooden light table but pls be confident it is afforable much less to $ ten

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Answer by Sur La Mer
My GF has one. You can discover one particular @ Goodwill for $ 12.

The ONLY mirror I have is a single that can be utilized by a window, or one that you can rotate, so you can see the back of your head by moving it so you can see the bathroom mirror as effectively.

There’s really not significantly distinction, in fact the makeup mirror does not give adequate light. Yes, it is hot that is why I never even use it when they’re inside hotel rooms. I use my personal handheld mirror and move to exactly where there’s far more light, pref. a daylight window.

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Q&A: Can you review lighted makeup mirror for me?
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