Question by Sophia T: Any suggestions for my makeup closet?
I’m re-performing my room and turning my tiny stroll-in closet into a spot where I can place on my makeup and get ready. My space is sort of a pink design and style. I would like it to have a place exactly where i can sit and place on makeup and do my hair, so a mirror and other stuff like that. Any other tips?

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Answer by katsquarter
Unless you currently have a lighted makeup mirror, you are going to require light. Check at your local residence improvement store. track lighting comes in some fairly cool designs these days. You can mount the track across the leading of your mirror or even vertically on the wall so that it goes up and down. You ought to also try to get lights that can move on the track with only knob variety turning to hold them in place. That way you can adjust if you want to. You will want to be in a position to place these on a dimmer too so you can adjust the light primarily based on what time of day you are putting on makeup for. I have attached a link at the bottom of a cool little light I discovered just to give you an idea. And speaking of cool, make certain what ever lighting you put in your makeup closet doesnt make you hot and sweaty 🙂

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Q&A: Any ideas for my makeup closet?
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