vanity makeup mirror with lights
Image by Rubin 110
After the shoot is completed, you exit the machine through the other side. You are going to uncover an additional touch screen that two people can use at once. Some of the first choices are eye size and skin tone. As you can see we pushed them as far as they could go, which Sarah told me is what all the Japanese girls do. Large eyes and light skin is desirable.

The next set of screens let you go through each and every photo and choose new back drops and add in pictures and text or what ever the hell you want. We added in as a lot of as we could within the two minute period alloted to us.

After the machine got started at printing our photographs, I walked more than to the corner and sat on these booth seats where a lot of vibrant lights and mirrors had been setup. A couple of seconds later many Japanese school girls came out of an additional machine and gave me dirty appears, Sarah swiftly asked me to get up. She explained the region was setup for the college girls to do their makeup. Apparently this complete photo booth factor was a big deal to them.

One of the girls had an eye patch taped on. I asked Sarah what that was all about. She said that it could be a fashion statement, helplessness was a factor. She added that it may well also be that the girl got an eye infection from putting on also many glue on eye lashing, although pointing to a vending machine next to us that would dispense them amongst other vanity items. And so that was my Japan moment of the day.

The printer ultimately spat out our photos and it was incredible. If you spend them some additional income they can e mail (to your telephone only) a digital copy. Here’s a scan.

Map: Minamisenba, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture, Japan

Photo by Rubin Starset, shared under the CC BY-NC-SA license

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