Photographic Proof The Matrix Is Actual And We&#39re Living In It
&lta href=&quot target=&quot_hplink&quot&gtIn this printed ad from an Italian haircare line&lt/a&gt, the female model&#39s legs look to have gone missing… or possibly the male model …
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Mecklenburg&#39s jobless price continues to fall expert solutions sector
Mecklenburg&#39s falling jobless price mirrors the statewide trend that has noticed unemployment numbers plummet in current months. Year-over-year unemployment has fallen in all one hundred N.C. counties. Gov. … Allan Freyer, an analyst with the liberal N.C. Price range …
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Secret Weapon: Mayo boss Horan prepared to throw Duffy into the mix
“He has a lot of ground to make up but I wouldn&#39t rule anybody out of anything at this stage. He&#39s coaching tough. Naturally … And he believes Duffy&#39s fitness, honed by 13 years as a expert rugby player, can only be to Mayo&#39s advantage if he&#39s …
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Tremors in the Universe: Connecting the dots
And now as my journal continues to grow and sheds far more light on my attitude and outlook, there&#39s 1 recurrent theme no matter what the age. Connections. …. There we enjoyed five days of camping and beauty beyond belief. In a setting where they … As …
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Photographic Proof The Matrix Is Actual And We&#39re Living In It
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