A handful of nice shaving mirrors with lights images I discovered:

shaving mirrors with lights
Image by ADD Photography
For my photography course, a image of a guitar! I utilised two strobes, 1 on the rear proper, and one directly on the appropriate higher up with a soft-box.
Oh, and out of sight at the bottom of the picture there is a small shaving mirror. I used it to reflect light from the strobes onto the strings to light them up just a bit.
I am also quite content with the &quotfeminesque&quot reflexion on the left side. It is from a piece of polystyrene that I placed just out of sight on the left side.
All I did in photoshop was removing some dust: Black shiny guitar with the backlighting is terrible for dust…

My face
shaving mirrors with lights
Image by BottleLeaf
See the notes..

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