Six smart telescopes that make astronomy a snap
The wider the lens or mirror built into the instrument, the brighter and more detailed views will be – though of course larger telescopes cost more. Beginners will enjoy smaller instruments – say, …. Low magnification is best. If you're not tracking …
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Simplehuman Mini Sensor Mirror Makes Makeup Application More Accurate
The Travel Mirror is a circular mirror with a focal point in its direct center and 10x magnification. In addition to aiding in makeup application, this level of detail is also useful for threading and fine cleansing work. Men can also use it as a …
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Harvard Accepts Record Percentage of Black Students
After the civil rights movement it was recognized that the country was still locked into racial inequality and simply saying everyone was equal meant nothing and more had to be done to TRY and make up for the worst horror ever forced on one people by …
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Tech Gifts for Digitally Savvy Moms
Mom's beauty can shine through with a smart mirror from SimpleHuman. The mini sensor detects movement to automatically light up when you approach and turn off when you leave. The cordless device displays up to 10x magnification, and delivers a detailed …
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Lastest Lighted China Makeup Mirror 10x Magnification News
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