Canton church kids explore homelessness
Skelly said 10-12 Geneva youth signed up this year for the event, which includes a collection of clothing and toiletries for the Open Door program at Fort Street Presbyterian Church in Detroit. A collection box for Open Door donations will be outside …

Tokyo's Skinniest Houses
On the second floor is a study, with closet-like bedrooms for the couple and their 9-year-old daughter, and a China China bathroom hiding behind sliding doors. The floor of the study consists of wooden slats. It's hard to walk on until you get used to it, but it …
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The Art World's Patron Satan
“Who do I know in the States who's not a kid on heroin? … met only once: Stefan Simchowitz, the controversial 44-year-old movie producer, Internet entrepreneur and industrial scion who over the last seven years has pursued a manic quest to assemble …
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Canton church kids explore homelessness
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