The Complicated Beauty Of Aging
Now my daughter is 4, and the makeup — concealer, pressed powder, liner pencils, tricolor eyeshadow — is in a faded plastic Macy's bag I keep either under the front passenger seat of my car or at the bottom of my oversized handbag. I am willfully …
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Gambling companies step up to sway addiction
“The challenge for companies is how they are going to persuade the regulator and a more skeptical public that they really care and it's not just cosmetic, or just enough to keep either the regulator or politicians off their back,” Philip Graf, chairman …
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Kellie Maloney nearly died after a cosmetic surgery procedure went drastically
“I was bleeding out of my eyes and I was in unimaginable pain,” she told The Mirror. “Then I just felt my head inflating like a balloon. It was getting bigger and bigger by the second, I could hardly see. I feared it was going to explode.” Maloney had …
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