From Made in China to Created in China

From Made in China to Created in China

The Made in China label is one of the most recognizable labels in the world today due to the China’s rapidly developing large manufacturing Industry. Today, products made inChina can be found all over the world. One can not live without them. A housewife from theAtlanta had an interesting idea. She would boycott products made inChina for one year. However, she ended up with a lot of problems. Her coffee machine was broken, and she couldn’t find any alternative that was cheaper than the one that was made inChina. The same was true with her juice extractor and even her husband’s carpenter tools. He, who previously worked as a journalist, has put this experience into a book which has caused a sensation inAmerica. Her conclusion was without made inChina the lives of American’s would be more expensive and troublesome.

Chinese Bamboo-River Painting

From above, we can see that without products made-in-China people’s lives would be more inconvenient. In contrast, if products created-in-China flooded the foreign market, how people’s lives would be. With the development of marketed-oriented economy, more and more people tend to be money-worship and harebrained. How to improve the qualities of life and aesthetic value becomes a serious issue. As we all know that Chinese paintings andChinese tea are created inChinaand made inChina, appreciating paintings and drinking tea can greatly make you know the truth of life and spiritual distillation. You may quietly enjoy it entirely in details to grasp the charming fascination of Chinese painting, until your sprits soar up and up into a lofty realm. You may imbibe it slowly in small sips to appreciate the subtle allure of tea-drinking, until your spirits soar up and up into a sublime aesthetic realm.

Chinese Profound Scholar Painting

“Created in China” as a new vocabulary has gradually instead of “Made in China” is widely known in the world, it is no longer reflected the simple manual labor, but a higher level of mental creation activities in the world fromto an increasingly important role. With the development of the times, China is playing an increasingly important role in the world.

We firmly believe that only return to tradition, return of culture and return of spirit can our aesthetic realm be promoted to a commanding height.

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From Made in China to Created in China
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