Query by Lindsey: Exactly where can i get wholesale garments in bulk for my clothing retailer?
I want to locate a inexpensive wholesaler/wholesaler’S to get brand name clothing at a low cost price tag IN BULK. to sell at a greater cost to profit. brands I particularly want are : SILVER JEANS, SINFUL,AFFLICTION,And so on. SOUTHPOLE, ECKO , etc.. and perfumes, makeup, wallets, purses, jewelry, ACCESSORIES etc.. and stuff like CAMERAS, IPODS, And so on…Auto AUDIO…bla bla bla bla.

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Answer by Let me steer you
Wholesalers are not inexpensive. They are middle males and have to make a profit on what they buy from those firms you mention. So you spend the organization cost PLUS a generous markup that goes to the wholesaler.

Large stores acquire straight from the manufacturer, so it’s impossible for you to cost compete.

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Where can i purchase wholesale clothes in bulk for my clothes store?
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