Query by Sofia Wyszynski: Exactly where can I find this cosmetic train case with mirror, lights, and drawers?
.. or possibly some thing like it?

Therefore far I have only discovered them in China, with no price, and clearly meant to be bought in bulk by distributors. I need only a single for myself.

No skilled beauty provide shop seems to have one thing quite like it.
Any suggestions?

If not, any beauty supply on the internet store ideas?

This product cannot be found as effortlessly as inside a google search. I have tried everywhere I possibly can. Unless a person knows how to order One particular off of alibaba.com, and can find the price, it requires a bit much more forethought and expertise of beauty supply.

Ideal answer:

Answer by Smokies Hiker
These hyperlinks should be just what you wanted. Hope this info assists!


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Where can I locate this cosmetic train case with mirror, lights, and drawers?
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