Query by HorsieLuver: What is a excellent furniture retailer?
i am wondering what a good childrens urniture shop is. i know pbkids is a excellent shop, and i adore it, but i am searching for one more retailer related to it. i like how pbkids designs the rooms. i am looking to design and style a bathroom for my children, and pbkids does not sell al of the issues they show, so does any person know a shop related?
thanks, lo
p.s i am not neccesarily looking for a cheaper retailer. Higher High quality furniture suits my wants. thanks.

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Answer by leahchattam
Hello there 🙂 A single of my furnishings favorites is TheFurnitureDomain.com http://www.thefurnituredomain.com/ They carry tons of actually stunning items, and have a super fun kids collection http://www.thefurnituredomain.com/kidroom.html I do not know if you happen to be purchasing for a boy or a girl, but if it is a girl I am head-more than-heels for this LittleMissMatched dresser http://www.thefurnituredomain.com/288-006.html It’s finished with dry-erase material, so you can draw on it and erase! I am 29, but I am tempted to purchase it for myself 🙂 Hope you discover some thing you enjoy!

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What is a good furnishings retailer?
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