Query by : what are venetian mirror? can i get it in a bulk from manufacturer?

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Venetian mirrors are a unique kind of mirrors that originated in Italy. For the duration of 16th century, the city of Venice, which was well-known for its glass creating knowledge, became a centre for mirror manufacturing using particular methods. That led to the birth of ‘Venetian mirrors.’

Every single piece of Venetian furniture is very carefully hand etched, reduce, beveled, and polished to perfection. Finely crafted Venetian mirrors are an object de art and are sophisticated as nicely as high-priced. Venetian mirrors can boost the ambience surrounding it. It adds royal appears to the interiors.

Venetian mirrors of a variety of styles and dimensions are obtainable in industry these days. They are a ideal match to suit any distinct requirement. Venetian mirrors can elegantly adorn the walls in living area, bed area, bathroom as properly as lobbies, halls and porticos. Venetian mirrors are aesthetically vital for hotels, showrooms, exhibition halls and designer houses.

Now authentic Venetian mirrors are accessible in India at Venetian Style. For more info log on to www.venetiandesign.in.

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what are venetian mirror? can i get it in a bulk from manufacturer?
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