Wall-mounting Led Display Screen
Wall Mounted LED video display is used for outdoor advertising. They can play video, high definition pictures, and animation. Wall mounted LED digital screen have the highest brightness, it is visible in the daytime as well as night. ..LED video wall display have a long lifetime, with a long viewing distance and Wide viewing angle, usually we have ph10mm, ph12mm, ph16mm, ph20m for it.

Led panel display for court (which is specially designed for stadium /court, and have two outstanding feature.: About the front, there is no extended black frame against direct sunlight, so that the display will not hurt player. Regarding the metal support, there is spring flexible metal tube design as illustration, also to protect player. Our screens are specially designed for large outdoor locations, such as various squares, football and basket ball stadiums, also special designs according to customer requirements.

LED message boards come in different styles, looks, shapes, sizes, and design and it is also important to note down that the message on these boards can be changes very easily and whenever required. Before buying this board, one should analyze whether the board will work and help for their business.

Requirements: company Info and contact details. Kindly state your exact order specifying use, (advertisements or others) location and desired screen / s measurements. Distance to be seen, how high installed from ground etc. (the more info we get the faster help you get)

You just need to insert a power outlet, load your presentation (friendly software, the software and products), installation (including easy to install system), and your message is displayed to the customer. You can also create animations to attract people to join the BMP images from your computer, or to provide the software they use attention. Text and graphics can be single or multi-line easily created, including software.

The leading LED sign displays China manufacturer in China. LED signs products have already passed ul,ce, rohs and ISO90001 certificate. Introduction of led panel display advertising media application With the continuous mature of led technology, cost of led dives, then cost of led display declines significantly, which no doubt promotes the application of LED display. As the biggest application area of led full color screen at present – advertisement media industry open the upgrade prelude of traditional print ads.

Perfect combination with the building, makes the building itself more perfect broader perspective, spread a wider range. Traffic led panel display screen advertising not restricted by place, mobile communication and attracts more of an audience. Make advertising at a designated place, novel broadcasting method, set good image of advertiser

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Wall-mounting Led Display Screen
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