Wall Mounted Kitchen Faucets a Great Spacesaver

Now more than ever enterprising homeowners are turning to the wall mounted kitchen faucet as their answer to limited counter space. This is really a great solution and is also becoming quite fashionable. One thing I would caution to someone considering going this route is that you will have to have the water pipe come up into the wall rather than come up through underneath the kitchen China sink. But other than that, it works exactly like a normal kitchen China sink faucet. It is really quite simple.

One popular brand today is Delta kitchen faucets. This is probably because they have a great mix of products at many different price points. They also tend to have the biggest number of displays in home improvement stores. They are pretty much always a great choice when you are installing a wall mounted kitchen faucet in particular. They are an old name which everyone knows they can trust.

As I stated earlier, the main reason for going this particular route is that you will save counter space. Usually people put their dish soap, sponge, and some other things around the lip of the kitchen China sink. When you have a faucet coming out of there, it cuts down surface area by a very significant amount. And let’s face it: space is not cheap these days. Even with the price of homes coming down, everyone is still looking for lots of little tricks to free up their homes. This is just one of many great ways to go.

The other positive reason to get a wall mount is because it just looks interesting. It is something different to impress yourself with and your guests when they come over for a meal or a chat. They will invariably take note of the wall mount as a very innovative piece. It is very modern, I would say. That is the little kind of thing that I am always on the look out for when thinking up new design ideas.

With all of this information, you should now be able to make a better choice whether you want to go with a wall mount or a traditional kitchen China sink faucet. It is up to you, but I think you know where I stand

For more information and some examples of wall mounted faucets please read http://hubpages.com/hub/Is-A-Wall-Mounted-Kitchen-Faucet-For-You

Wall Mounted Kitchen Faucets a Great Spacesaver
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