Wall Mounted Headboards
If you’re not the variety of particular person who rearranges your bedroom a lot, then you might be interested in wall mounted headboards. These headboards are precisely what they sound like, a headboard that is affixed to your wall. This offers the headboard stability that it would not have need to it be attached to the bed.

Wall mounted headboards are quite contemporary hunting. They normally look like a plain rectangular headboard but come in a selection of colors. The two major companies of such headboards are IKEA and MASH Studios.

Numerous wall mounted headboards are thick and can very easily double over as a nightstand or shelving unit. A lot of individuals purchase these headboards to replace the want for other kinds of bedroom furniture. Having said that, such headboards are wonderful for saving space.

The cost of wall mounted headboards depends on exactly where you shop for them at. MASH Studios headboards are produced from a tough solid wood construction. That getting mentioned, they are also generally really pricey, simply going more than the $ 1,000 mark. IKEA headboards, on the other hand, are constructed of strong spruce fiberboard and all run under $ 200. That’s a quite huge cost distinction. Needless to say, the firm that you choose to obtain your headboard from could depend on your price range.

Initially, all wall mounted headboards have been constructed of a sturdy wood material. That still holds accurate right now, though now numerous headboards come in an upholstered variety. This is fantastic as it not only supplies a comfy cushion for your back and head need to you be on of these men and women who likes to read in bed, but it also aids to save wear and tear on the headboard itself. In fact, upholstering your headboard could support save it from put on and tear in the lengthy run, causing it to last longer.

Not numerous individuals have wall mounted headboards, so if you’re searching to be exclusive and have your bedroom stand out from the crowd, then purchasing such a headboard is a wonderful way to go. It assists that these headboards are gender neutral, so they appeal to a wide variety of folks. And because their general design is rather simple, you can play with the color and design to make it appear exactly how you want. Have it upholstered in the color of your choice, use it to spot your books and knick knacks on prime of it, or get rid of the require for a nightstand by making use of your headboard as a nightstand alternatively.

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Wall Mounted Headboards
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