Question by Allie: Very good wall light for makeup corner?
I’ve got a makeup table situated in an alcove/corner. Three walls surrounding it. correct now the only light/mirror I have there is an eight-12 inch tall table vanity mirror which isn’t genuinely undertaking the job: it takes up as well a lot space, it is not bright enough and I can’t actually see my whole face when applying makeup.

I want to place up a regular mounted mirror on the wall the table faces but I need to have more light the most electricity operating to that corner is 1 outlet. I am looking for suggestions of how I can get much more light in that corner without having needing an electritian. I was taking into consideration tap lights but I don’t know that they’d be sturdy adequate to light up the corner and/or reflect off the mirror.

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Answer by Ben
Could you use the brighter LED style globe that throws out a lot a lot more light than a regular bulb?

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Very good wall light for makeup corner?
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