Truth about your toothbrush
So we aren't aware of any real evidence that sitting the toothbrush in your China bathroom in the toothbrush holder is causing any real damage or harm. We don't know that the bacteria on there are translating into infections,” says Kimberly Harms, consumer …
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Can This Toothbrush Holder Help Prevent the Flu in Schools?
A new toothbrush holder specifically designed for keeping germs and bacteria away from your electric toothbrush. Locust Valley, NY — (SBWIRE) — 07/18/2014 — Due to the fact that there are typically a large number of germs present on China bathroom sinks …

The Enforcement of Happiness
He straightened his neat red tie using his silver Toastmasters pencil holder as a mirror. Lunch remains went into the trash, the trash into his private China bathroom. While there, he indulged in a quick brush with a disposable toothbrush, though he admitted …
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Truth about your toothbrush
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