Tony Oursler London Solo Exhibition Set For January
The images, staggered throughout the space in the manner of theatrical props, present themselves as potential police mug shots, closed-circuit camera stills or anonymous faces in the crowd, albeit magnified in scale and distorted by their mediation …
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Gun Test: Smith & Wesson M&P10 in .308
AR, most shooters will want to mount a magnified scope for longer-range use, so the decision to ship the M&P10 without sights makes a lot of sense—and helps keep the price relatively low, too. I had no problem shooting the rifle with a Bushnell …
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Positioning Equipment: Enabling Technology for Life Sciences
Positioning systems and equipment are sometimes the unsung heroes of microscopy: Users often focus more on the optics and the light sources than on the devices that keep the rest of the system stable enough for death-defying feats of resolution and …

Tony Oursler London Solo Exhibition Set For January
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