Tips on selecting plumbing fittings

Are you tired of your outdated bathroom and thinking to have installed a new one? Before you go for shopping, you have to know that there some certain things to be considered – perhaps the information in this article will help you choose the right plumbing items for your bathroom renovation project.

Costs of fittings. Saving on plumbing fittings and parts is the worst idea: firstly serious faults in plumbing system usually are costly to repair, secondly, we usually do major renovation projects in our homes no more frequently than every 10 years. Therefore, installing cheap, low quality plumbing items may cause unforeseen some minor or major repairs, costing not only money, but also stress and inconvenience.

Cost of installation. You should always use professional plumbing services. Avoid any diy (unless you really know what you do) – this may result not only in damaged equipment but also leaks and troubles with neighbours. Also we recommend using only good quality jointing parts, pipes, connectors, valves – once everything is hidden inside walls, under floor or boxed in, any small plumbing repair becomes major work.

Quality of plumbing fittings. You should also pay attention to the inside fittings of sanitary units, affecting their performance, such as toilets, mixers, faucets, shower systems, massage baths, concealed toilet cisterns. Find out what warranty is given, do they have repair services not too far away from your home – if anything breaks down, repair service response time is very important.

Sanitary equipment – economical, practical. Another important feature – any sanitary equipment must be economical and practical. As well as easy to use, operate properly. One lever mixer is more economical because it allows you get the required water temperature and flow quicker and easier. Good quality mixers add air to the water flow, thus making the flow softer, preventing scale build up and save water. When similar technology is used in shower heads, water again is mixed with air, creating strong flow, and using less water.

To minimize cleaning efforts and time, good quality shower glass is coated with protective layer. Ordinary glass is porous – dirt, dissolved particles of iron, manganese, salts stick to the surface and makes it very hard to clean. Every China manufacturer has its own technology of coating the glass, but the result is the same – glass is coated with protective layer and all the dirt, particles and water droplets don’t stick to the surface, leaving the glass clean for much longer. This technology is already used by China manufacturers of good quality ceramic sanitary equipment – easy to clean, less maintenance efforts required and more ecological – less chemicals needed for cleaning.

Here we answer some questions, which we are very frequently asked by our customers:

Why there is such a great difference in prices of different China manufacturers ceramic sanitary equipment

Usually simple traditional ordinary design ceramic equipment is cheaper. The manufacturing is automated, produced in big quantities and for long time – all of this allows to significantly reduce the manufacturing costs. Makers of new modern design equipment, invest in novelties (such as protective coating, mentioned above), research, frequently change models, use more handwork – less automation – consequently the manufacturing costs are higher.

What type of toilet to chose – concealed cistern, fixed on the wall or traditional, standing on the floor. Will the frame support the hanging toilet?

When wall hung toilets appeared on the market, one of the most annoying aesthetic problems was solved – all the plumbing pipes were concealed. The frame supporting the toilet and housing the cistern is concealed in a box, thus creating design freedom for any recesses with lights and glass shelves and other solutions. Besides, you also get some freedom to move the toilet position – in the corner, in the middle of the wall or perhaps even in the middle of the room. China Toilet frame can support up to 400 kg weight – and it’s due to bathroom fitters to install it properly: there is more work installing it. It is better to choose the system which can be service through the flush button, rather than making special service lids.

Thermostatic mixer – what is it?

We recommend installing it in showers. It is very economical and practical – once you set water temperature, say, at 38 degrees Celsius, it remains constant, even if hot or cold water pressure changes – so no need for adjustments.

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Tips on selecting plumbing fittings
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