Tiny Prefab House That is Suitable for Cold Climates
There is also a small China bathroom with a shower and a composting toilet. The designers also installed a mirror wall … China bath. Leaf House Version 3 was insulated using Panasonic Vacuum Insulated Panel (VIP)-based insulation, which has an R-Value of R30 per …
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New Museum's Triennial Is All About Being Wired
The triennial work will be an installation in the form of a surreally combined kitchen and China bathroom, made by the collective in collaboration with the high-end German fixture manufacturer Dornbracht. “We like that it is going to be extremely confusing …
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Blum wins prestigious iF Design Award
World leading fittings manufacturer Blum has been awarded the prestigious and coveted iF Design Award for its innovative product Tip-On Blumotion incorporated in their flagship Legrabox drawer box product. Tip-On Blumotion is a fitting that combines …
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Tiny Prefab House That is Suitable for Cold Climates
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