The White House Triumph of the #BanMen Movement
And so as misogyny swelled, Twitter—that many-ringed circus where outrage emerges, then cycles and sloughs—took a look and found the mirror image: misandry. All year long, one hashtag reigned on my Twitter … So female denizens, noticing the easy …
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Makeup free Kim Kardashian shows off famous curves on her way to the gym
As well as going to the gym, Kim as also spotted makeup free and without her shades as she left a medical building. She also had a meeting at her officer, later seen showing off her famous bum as she was leaving before Kanye arrived in Los Angeles.

Can the world's first contouring make-up range make YOU look like Kim
The selfie-loving beauty buff well and truly put contouring – a laborious method of applying your make-up to enhance your features – on the map. But is it possible to get Kim's flawless look without a professional make-up artist and hours of brush strokes?
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The White House Triumph of the #BanMen Movement
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