The Ongoing World Cup Commission Hearing
Many Ghanaians now stay glued to their television and radio sets for hours so that they do not miss out on the narration of how some state officials, private individuals and entities superintended over the dissipation of scarce State money in a …
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Prop Stylists: The Unsung Heroes Of Food Photography
"It's totally an invisible thing," says Kira Corbin, a New York-based prop stylist who does sets for food and fashion shoots. Corbin got her start a … If you're doing a different kind of interior shoot, a lot of them have furniture like tables or …
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Portland residents complain about the sound of music
Two more rodeos are set for Aug. 30 and weekend of Sept. 14. After considerable discussion, town board members said that they would drive out and see “if somebody's playing music after 7 p.m.”. Supervisor Tom Crave said he was not looking forward to …

The Ongoing World Cup Commission Hearing
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