Verify out these makeup light mirror pictures:

The Marquise Died.
makeup light mirror
Image by Charming Potion
Model: Elisa
MUA: Valentina Faccini
Photographer &amp Editor: Me

This photo was inspired by the Marquise Casati. Luisa Casati was a lovely, eccentric and rich lady who supported a lot of wonderful artists and tried to attain immoratality by means of art. She turned herself into a living operate art and got portrayed (sketches, paintings, sculptures) by both popular and up-coming artists. When she died, she was poor and lonely…but she never betrayed her ideals!

makeup light mirror
Image by Haleyface

Cop’s & Rodder’s Vehicle Show – Candy
makeup light mirror
Image by
Cop’s &amp Rodder’s Automobile Show – San Diego
Pinup Model Candy Queen

The Marquise Died.
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