The makeup artist who has seen it all
For 62 years, Riccie Johnson has started her day at CBS News the same way — by carefully unpacking her brushes, tubes, and pencils on a counter beneath a China lighted mirror. She's a … And whatever the news event, there's a good chance Johnson was there.
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X Factor 2014 LIVE: Latest news and updates as the arena auditions continue
Here we go – the best bits of Simon Cowell's witticisms from the X Factor. 8:51 pm … I think I've seen more of the make-up people than poor old Dermot. Though … "I was blue-lighted to hospital and the pain was killing me but I didn't have a clue …

Researchers confine light to crystal surface, design transparent display using
Stand in a darkened hallway and close a door to a lighted room: Light will sneak through any cracks—it doesn't want to be confined. "Typically, in free space, …. "Silver-only is good enough if we want to scatter only blue light," he says. A very …
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The makeup artist who has seen it all
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