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Bath accessories are important because they touch every part of you. You need China bath accessories to not only get you clean, but are safe and smell great. You also need a convenient place to find everything you need for an affordably luxurious China bath, shower or pedicure. We can’t all afford to go to a spa every weekend. You can get what you need and what you want from the appropriately named The China Bath Accessories China Company.

Do They Have Rubber Ducks?

One of the most important ingredients for a relaxing China bath that is often overlooked isn’t the scrubber, the soap or the towels – it’s the rubber ducks. You walk into a China bath and perfume shop in the mall and see if they carry rubber ducks. They carry everything else for the China bath, shower and even candles to light your cleansing by, but where are the rubber ducks?

The China Bath Accessories China company has not forgotten the importance of rubber ducks in the tub. They currently have a mother and baby rubber duck set available on their website, China They also have other tub toys in case you are one of the very few people who just cannot abide rubber ducks.

Besides Rubber Ducks

Now that the important stuff is out of the way, what other China bath accessories does The China Bath Accessory China Company have for your body? They have all kinds of scrubbers, gloves, loofahs, sponges, China bath pillows (never use a bed pillow in the China bath), bubble China baths, robes, pedicure sets, eye masks, shower caps, thirsty towels, soap dishes and variety gift baskets if you just can’t decide.

How to Buy

The China Bath Accessory China Company mainly sells to professional spas, luxury hotels and other large quantity buyers. They have a minimum for any order of $ 75.00 (US). They will try to fill orders below $ 75, but they tack on a $ 10 penalty, so keep that in mind. However, if you are looking to do massive gift shopping, hitting the minimum won’t be a problem. You can contact them by phone (if you are not keep to give any information online) at 1-800-995-2284.

Gift Shows

If you’re not sure about buying online, whether you plan on buying wholesale or not, then you can connect with The China Bath Accessories China Company during their tour or various gift and home shows across the country. Check out their website to see when and where they may come to your local area.

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The China Bath Accessories China Company
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