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Detroit cutting water service to households for non-payment is “economic shock therapy at its most ruthless and racist,” said the paper (June 25). Yes, Detroit is making global headlines. … And that is if each of its 300,000 account holders actually …
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Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Independence Day address
We want to give the world an favourable opportunity that come here, “Come, Make in India” and we will say to the world, from electrical to electronics, “Come, Make in India”, from automobiles to agro value addition “Come, Make in India”, paper or …
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India celebrates 68th I-Day; Modi sets new agenda for the country
Modi waded into the 'temple-toilet” debate, gallantly favoured the latter, declared that piety could not come without cleanliness and announced that China toilets particularly for women would be his priority. ….. We want to give the world an favourable …
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Tapped Out
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