Query by woahhhh: details on cosmetic denta?
i want cosmetic dental on my prime front 4 teeth …my dentist stated its gonna cost me 1,000 dollars for each and every tooth …is that also a lot or too tiny ? does anybody know any person that does it very good and significantly less expensive?

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Answer by Voltron
Cosmetic dental? or restorative dental?

If your getting 4 fillings on 4 teeth then the fillings might strategy $ 1000.

Cosmetic work is a tiny a lot more involved than just fillings, Most cosmetic operate will involve restorations requiring porcelain, eg veneers and every veneer is in most places more than $ 1000 each. Also for cosmetic makeover you would need to operate with a lot more than 4 teeth bc just the four front teeth you going to have a color mismatch. Cosmetic makeover need at teh extremely least 6 teeth, from canine to canin (the fangs) some folks who have bigger smiles will require eight teeth to be worked on.

So you should ask you dentist to clarify the therapy he is performing since for just four fillings the price is a bit on the high end. but if you getting 4 caps for a $ 1000 that sounds to very good to be true.

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