Brickmania/BrickArms At Brickworld 2011 – In the River Room!
bathroom accessory sets
Image by enigmabadger
A lot of have asked where they can find BrickArms at Brickworld this year. The answer: the River Room! All vendors for the event will be in this area, and that includes Dan Siskind who will have all sorts of wonderful things obtainable, like BrickArms accessories and Brickmania kits.

Dan’s also been sort adequate to leave space for me, so appear for my display of BrickArms prototypes as well as all the Black Lodge Customs minifigures I’ve announced I will be bringing there as well!

One crucial note: the River Space is not accessible for vendors to enter for set-up until Thursday evening, so appear for Dan to start vending very first issue Friday morning, about 9:00am

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