Query by Lucy: Need to I just acquire a vanity or use my desk?
So my birthday is coming up and I am trying to make a choice! I want to get a vanity, but I already have a desk. My desk has like a level up with two drawers so I do not know if it would be hard to turn it into a vanity! My parents mentioned we could paint it the color I want but I just dont know if it will work. The desk in this link is not the exact one particular but it has the very same like level up thing. Must I get a vanity or attempt to use my desk and by a mirror?

also, if you say i need to turn it into a vanity, and decorating ideas?

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Answer by XTX
=== use the desk and paint it == devote the cash for a new outfit that you will genuinely be pleased to put on …. and after your DAD dose the paint job ask him for a glass top that fits the desk — the glass leading will defend the desk surface if you spill nail polish …..

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Should I just acquire a vanity or use my desk?
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