Query by Get in touch with Me Hunnie: Shopping MAC Cosmetics. Please Assist!!!!?
Okay so in about an hour or two.
My dad will take me to a division retailer exactly where they have a section of MAC products.
I was on their website not to long ago looking at some products I was interested in such as…
-Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 (Foundation)
-Repair +
-Powder Blush – Fleur Power or My Highland Honey
-129SH Powder/Blush Brush

Also what is Prep Prime Skin and Face Primer?
Are they the very same factor and what is it used for?

Please let me know if the goods listed above are worth buying and please recommend some items. 😀

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Answer by Charisse (Emily C. Hoinette)
The factor about MAC is that it is produced for modeling and not each day wear. It is genuinely thick and will frequently occasions clog your pours. If you do buy this, then make positive you wash it off at the finish of every single day. Have fun girl

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Shopping MAC Cosmetics. Please Aid!!!!?
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