ShopGirl shares favorite boutiques
HIGH FASHION HOME: With a four-story, 125,000-square-foot space in Midtown, High Fashion's furniture collection hits on all the current trends for transitional and modern home: tufted, studded, sleek, rustic, industrial, mid-century, Asian-inspired, it …

At Home with Marni Jameson: From traditional to modern and everything in
“Home decor runs the gamut from antique-filled traditionalism to stark modernism,” Christopher Grubb, president of Arch-Interiors, in Beverly Hills, told me. “If traditional is all about embellishment and modern is about clean lines, you can't have …

The décor continuum: Where does your home fit?
"Some people find it relaxing to come home at the end of their work day to clean lines, so they find modern interiors relaxing," said Grubb. "Others find them too sterile, and prefer their surroundings embellished by decorative arts." Those folks veer …
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'Plains Indians: Artists of Earth and Sky' illumines an exhibit of powerful art
The show's final section, “Contemporary Artistic Revival, 1965–2014” includes video interviews with several artists, including Amiotte. The objects include a beaded powwow dress that is a vision in pink and white. Torrence first spotted the dress in …
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ShopGirl shares favorite boutiques
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