Verify out these shower mirror for shaving photos:

shave – 45:366
shower mirror for shaving
Image by noodlepdx
Flickr group roulette for 2008-03-14: shavers

I expended a lot of time and effort cleaning my window (the outside was specifically difficult), due to the fact I have a decent view from my shower. I wasn’t considering two minutes right after I started of course the window fogged up. I could have soaped it up (like I do with the mirror) but I did not want to get soap on my newly clean window! x_X

It’s 20 minutes to midnight and no one particular has caught it yet (at least no one commented), so I suppose it was as well subtle. But content π day, anyway!

Time (Is By no means Time Sufficient)
shower mirror for shaving
Image by Jesse f/2.8
I took the title from a Smashing Pumpkins song. Do not quote me on the exact tune. It does not come to mind at the moment, just the one particular line… &quotTime…is never time sufficient…&quot And I discover this quite accurate of photography- there is basically too small time.

I had just showered and shaved, and I ran to grab my camera ahead of the fog lifted from the mirror. Standing in a towel in the bathroom, fumbling with my then-new lens, I have to have been a sight.

Despite the fact that the saturation was magnificent with the warm, yellow light cast when the image was initially rendered in color, I created a black and white copy and retouched it a bit for contrast. I liked the end-solution considerably far better.

One particular of my very first shots with the 50mm f/1.eight. I’d received it about a week prior to taking this shot, if my memory serves me properly. The greatest lens I’ve ever owned- or ever will.

shave – 45:366
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