Query by Courtney: increasing projector throw variety.?
I have a extended throw projector and want to make the throw range shorter. I know mirrors are a great way to go but what type like a normal bathroom mirror,a magnified bathroom mirror, or possibly a security curved mirror. I consider the safety mirror is the way to go but from the appears it’s as well curved and will distort the image. I’d really like to be in a position to mount the projector on the identical wall like some Epson and Intelligent interactive projectors. Id really like that and the farthest away from the wall I can go is about 2-three feet. I at least require to know if it really is achievable. But it’d be fantastic to see it.
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Answer by Daniel K
The mirror will not really shorten the throw distance – it will only allow you to place the projector at a position other than proper in line with the screen. Any typical flat mirror will work.

You would be considerably better off just selling that projector and geting a short throw one particular – they are considerably less expensive now:


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rising projector throw range.?
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