A handful of good shaving mirrors with lights pictures I discovered:

Remebrance Sunday 2008
shaving mirrors with lights
Image by Jasmic
The Five Acts of Harry Patch
‘The Last Fighting Tommy’
by Andrew Motion


A curve is a straight line caught bending
and this 1 runs below the kitchen window
where the vibrant eyes of your mum and dad
may possibly flash any minute and locate you down
on all fours, stomach challenging to the ground,
slinking along a furrow between the potatoes
and dead set on a prospect of wealthy pickings,
the very good apple trees and plum trees and pears,
something sweet and juicy you may possibly now be
able to nibble about the back and leave
hanging as although absolutely nothing have been amiss,
if only it have been attainable to stand upright
in so a lot clear light and with those eyes
beady in the window and not catch a packet.


Patch, Harry Patch, that’s a excellent name,
Shakespearean, it may well be one of Hal’s males
at Agincourt or not far off, even though in reality
it begins life and belongs in Combe Down
with your dad’s trade in the canary limestone
which turns to grey and hardens when it meets
the light, ideal for Regency Bath and you too
given that no 1 these days thinks about the danger
of playing in quarries when the workmen go,
not even of prodding and pelting with stones
the wasps’ nests perched on rough ledges
or dropped from the ceiling on curious stalks
despite the fact that god knows it signifies obtaining to shift
tout suite and nevertheless get stung on arms and faces.


1st the difficult facts of not wanting to fight,
and the kindness of deciding to shoot men
in the legs but no larger unless wants need to,
and the liking among comrades which is really
deep and wide as really like with out that certain name,
then Pilckem Ridge and Langemarck and across
the Steenbeek because none of the above can adjust
what comes subsequent, which is a lad from A Company
shrapnel has ripped open from shoulder to waist
who tells you &quotShoot me&quot, but is good as dead
currently, and whose final word is &quotMother&quot,
which you hear because you kneel to hold
one finger of his hand, and then don’t forget orders
to keep pressing on, support the infantry ahead.


After the large crowd to unveil the memorial
and no puff left in the lungs to sing O valiant hearts
or say aloud the names of buddies and 1 cousin,
the butcher and chimney sweep, a farmer, a carpenter,
operate comes up the Wills Tower in Bristol and there
thunderstorms are a danger, so negative that lightning
1 day hammers Great George and knocks down
the foreman who cannot use his hand three weeks
later as you recall, along with the way that strike
burned all trace of oxygen from the air, it should have,
offered the definite stink of sulphur and a second
or two later the gusty flap of a breeze returning
along with rooftops below, and moss, and rain
fading more than the green Mendip Hills and blue Severn.


You develop a moustache, check the mirror, notice
you happen to be forty years old, then next day shave it off,
check the mirror again – and see you are seventy,
but life is like that now, suddenly and gradually
every person you know dies and nevertheless comes to go to
or you head back to them, it’s not clear which
only exactly where it occurs: a safe bedroom upstairs
by the appear of issues, despite the fact that when you sit late
whispering with the other boys in the Lewis group,
smoking your pipe upside-down to hide the fire,
and the nurses on evening duty bring folded sheets
to retailer in the linen cupboard opposite, all it takes
is a person switching on the light – there is that flash,
or was till you stated, and the employees blacked the window.


As of 2008, Harry Patch is the final surviving member of the British Forces to have observed action in the course of Globe War 1.

what occurs when you mirror each and every half of your face?
shaving mirrors with lights
Image by www.tintypephotoapp.com
I believed it would be exciting to shave half of my face and see exactly how various each side would be if I mirrored every single. I set up an AB800 (1/4 power) with a beauty dish straight in front of my face pointing down, and held a silver reflector on my chest to bounce the light under my chin, triggered with cybersyncs.

I then took the image in photoshop and reduce it straight in half. I then &quotfolded&quot each and every side over and lined them up as close as I could. Its intriguing to see the tiny differences in each and every side of the face and how the adjust the general portrait! Really feel free to see the opposite &quotunshaven&quot image here:

If you’d like to see more specifics, feel free of charge to checkout the blog post: www.photosmakemehappy.com/reverse-face.

I’d like to redo this image with a shaved face and then mirror every side to truly see how diverse each side would make me look. Its always been interesting to me that the smallest little things that ruin the symmetry of your face can actually make you look like a distinct particular person!

CameraNikon D700
Exposure0.02 sec (1/50)
Focal Length80 mm
ISO Speed200
Exposure Bias-1/3 EV

Remebrance Sunday 2008
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