Question by Jennifer M: What’s the very best way to get rid of a mirror…?
you know the big type that can be found in a bathroom that looks like it has small metal clips at the prime and bottom that hold it on. I need to have to preserve the mirror and it is genuinely big about 3′ x 8′. It has to be moved a handful of inches up the wall. We have by no means installed one particular and want to move it without having damage and then rehang it.

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Answer by songbird092962
Get a couple of frinds to hold mirror in spot. Unscrew leading and side hangars and set aside. Loosen but DO NOT Eliminate bottom hangars. gently lift mirror out of hangars. To rehang merely move bottom hangers to exactly where you require them but do not tighten. Replace mirror, tighten down bottom hangars, and put others around mirror to hold mirror.

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Q&A: What’s the ideal way to take away a mirror…?
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