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I have an apartment with an older mirrored vanity in the bathroom. On the top is where there are the bulbs but in front of these bulbs use to be a long rectangular plastic lens to dampen the light so it wasnt like lookin into the sun every time you looked into the mirror. That “light shade plastic fixture”thingy got broken in half,i was asking yourself what it is known as and/or if i can get a link to purchase a new one particular

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Answer by Hydroace
Typically components are not sold for lights, so you might find that your best bet is to uncover a piece of translucent plastic which can be reduce and drilled to replace the old. Maintain in mind that plastics come in all sorts of flavors although – and some are a lot more heat resistant than other folks. If you’re not confident that the replacement plastic can take the heat, go to a shop selling glass and ask them to cut and drill a piece of frosted glass so you don’ have to wear sunglasses in the bathroom. Hope this assists.

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Q&A: ?wall mounted vanity question?
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