Question by ♪Jackie Blue♪: Sen. ladies, exactly where can I locate a large magnifying mirror for applying makeup?
My mother had one particular years ago. It had an attached fold out stand so you could sit it on a vanity. It was roughly ten-12 inches in diameter. It would flip from one side to the other folks on the stand which was made of metal and metal surrounding the mirror. A single side was a typical mirror, and the other is magnified for detail. I believe the old Woolworth and five and ten cent shops carried them back in the 1960s and prior. Have you observed this mirror sold in any retailers or magazines nowadays?
Apparently I think so, BO. lol
Sorry, I should not have specified for senior ladies to answer only. I wasn’t considering. My error.

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Answer by BO
i thought you didnt want makeup to look very good.

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Q&A: Sen. ladies, where can I uncover a large magnifying mirror for applying makeup?
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