Query by Barbara Lawson: Makeup Vanity with Light Bulbs!?
Ok so I really like undertaking makeup, but I have like no exactly where to do it. I want to get a tiny makeup vanity sort of point, like a desk and a chair with a mirror currently attached to it. I’ve found a handful of cheap ones. But I really want one that has the light bulbs lining it, like something you would find in a dressing area. I have lighting problems when I do my makeup due to the fact my area is pretty dark. I’ve observed a few of them online but only one particular that are like 2,000$ because they had been on professional websites and such. If you have any tips, that is be amazing! Thanks!(:

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Answer by Cat
If you happen to be on a spending budget, my suggestion is to get a desk/vanity and then buy just a light up mirror. I have an Jilbere de Paris one that looks just like this: http://www.allhaircareproducts.com/jilbere-de-paris-mirror-essence-deluxe-lighted-makeup-mirror.html and it’s about $ 30. It opens up and has 3 mirrors with two extended bulbs outlining the middle mirror, and there is 4 diverse light settings. Hope that aids! 🙂

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Q&A: Makeup Vanity with Light Bulbs!?
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