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Interior designers I need your assist! I am presently redoing my bathroom colors focusing on red, brown, and gold. I identified a stunning shower curtain named creative bath contessa shower curtain. I am unable to discover the matching accessories and rugs. If you can find a collection that will blend effectively with Contessa shower curtain or if you know exactly where I can obtain the matching accessories. Please leave the hyperlink beneath. 10 points to the best designer.

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Answer by terri
I am not an interior designer but if you want to stick with the Contessa collection you can order them from Linens N Issues online


I also identified some of the accessories on the internet from Anna’s linens


eBay is usually a excellent tool to find particular collections as a lot of of the retailers there will purchase out clearance collections to sell and you can discover what you are hunting for.

If you are hunting to accessorize, discover one of the lessor colors in your shower curtain and match that.

Good Luck!!!!

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