Question by SMEG AND THE HEADS: Assist please…. bathroom prices…?

What amount of income would you count on to spend for a standard BATHROOM to be supplied and fitted? (one with a £199 suite from B & Q. etc.)

We are not rich & need to have a loan four it, and have got 4 quotes so far. ranging from £1,200 to £4,300! How on EARTH can there be such a vast distinction?

The perform that wants doing is : provide and fit the loo, bath and sink… take down a hundred four x 4″ tiles and replace them with new ones… provide and match a little cupboard behind the pipes below the sink to hide the pipes… replace the shower… ( a simple shower charges around £70.00…) and take down an old bar fire off the wall and make protected.

Also, we have had two of the fitters telling us that we need to have some special ‘electrical competence certificate’ or some thing which is essential now when electrical perform is done in a bathroom, but the other two fitters said that is rubbish, and we don’t want it due to the fact the ‘electrics’ are ‘already there.’

We are completely clueless. PLEASE Aid!!!

Ideal answer:

Answer by Caroline H
There’s usually going to be a difference in the quotes, take two or three of the lowest, verify the contractor’s references and go with the a single you are most comfy with.

These in fact sound pretty reasonable to me – to outfit a bathroom in my house in the US (Maryland), the price was $ 15,000 (7,500 pounds)

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Q&A: Help please…. bathroom costs…?
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