Question by Juliet: Going to Ulta tomorrow, what products do you advise?
Hair, skin, nails, and make up! I am prepared to commit up to $ 100, so leave me any of your preferred factors! Drugstore and high end (:

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Answer by נα¢є ωαуℓαи∂
They sell some little mini compact mirrors with a vibrant LED light in it, I loved it!! 😀 I accidentally sat on it and broke it even though >.< I also recommend, if you have brown eyes, to buy a copper eyeshadow from there and black eyeliner pen. Their stuff they sell there is really good quality!! 🙂 (btw, this tip is what I use since I've got brown eyes, and I love it, so if u have brown eyes, enjoy if you'd like to try something new! 🙂 )

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Q&A: Going to Ulta tomorrow, what goods do you suggest?
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