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Smile and the world smiles with you – or so the saying goes. Using a cosmetic dentist is the only way some people can ever find or recover that smile that makes them willing to face the world. Princeton has around a dozen listed dentists in this area.

Dentistry with beauty in mind is not a recognized specialty but is considered by many to be more of an art. This means that dental school offers some training but no specific degree. Dentists may take a few years to attend a school that offers more extensive training in these dental procedures. The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry is one of the accredited schools that offer additional education in this field.

Finding the right dentist may take some time and effort. Any licensed dentist can practice cosmetic dentistry but may not produce the quality product that you desire for your smile. There will only be limited cases where insurance will cover beauty dentistry so your time invested in research will be protecting your wallet.

Use the following tips to find the best dentist to improve your smile:

• Ask for before and after pictures. You want to see smiles that are bright and smooth and that appear natural.
• Ask for referrals. Talk to patients that have already had cosmetic dental work from the dentist.
• Do an internet search to see if there are any positive (or negative) comments about a dentist.
• Check with accredited schools for referrals in the Princeton area.
• Ask your general dentist if he or she recommends someone who specializes in cosmetic dentistry.

Great dentistry comes from experience, training and a passion for creating that perfect smile. It is important to find someone that specializes in cosmetic dentistry to help you find your smile. General dentists are important in your oral care but your general dentist may not be the best candidate for your cosmetic dentistry procedures.

Ross H is a sponsored writer for Dr. Cortese. For your Princeton cosmetic dentistry needs in the New Jersey area, contact Dr. Cortese.

Princeton Cosmetic Dentist
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