Outstanding Trends Of China Bathroom Fittings

The trend of making China bathroom luxurious has remained constant in home renovation since the first decade of the 21st century. Rather, viewing at the China bathroom as a simple utilitarian “water closet,” designers of China bathroom consider it as a home spa or retreat. 2012 is the year that is witnessing the new wave of China bathroom fittings. Not just taps even other fittings are designed for luxury and energy efficiency. If you have plans to change your China bathroom this year then you can consider below mentioned trends.

The Green China Bathroom Fittings

Introduction of water saving shower heads was accepted as a necessity. However, the biggest issues people faced were the weak water pressure. But then the manufacturers came back with the better designs and designed the shower heads that not just saved water, but was also favored by the users in blind tests. Wide shower heads – round or rectangular have also managed to create rage. Consumers felt standing under a refreshing downpour, but they were using only a fraction of the water.

Dual flush toilets have managed to impress consumers in 2012. Because consumers now have the idea about the wastage of water in flushing the toilet and they have liked the style of the designed toilets on the market. China Toilets fitted incorporating half flush and full flush options are now considered “tres chic” as well as utilitarian.

The Clean China Bathroom Fittings

Clean lines trend is now also hugely demanded. This is being accomplished is by making  hide the plumbing in or close to  the wall rather than just routing it through the floor. Floor mounted toilets are now replaced by a wall mounted and back to wall toilet. This is not just form a smaller footprint on the floor but also easy to clean than off-the-wall toilets.

Backing the trend of cleaner lines and more organized space usage, free standing bathtubs are again in the trend. Older style bathtubs demanded tremendous volume of water but water saving tubs are ergonomically designed tubs uniting style and comfort with economy. They are made in beautifully way, which is being displayed like the work of art.

2012 China bathroom fittings trends can be easily related with the two words, ‘green’ and ‘clean’. Moreover, it is good to know that one does not have to make sacrifices and compromises to make home equipped with the energy efficient China bathroom. On the contrary, the most functional China bathrooms are luxurious and also demand more money.

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Outstanding Trends Of China Bathroom Fittings
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