Nvidia China sinks moon landing hoax using virtual light
Nvidia tackled some of the most persistent claims used to support a moon landing hoax, starting with the notion that astronaut Buzz Aldrin couldn't have been illuminated when descending the ladder to the moon's surface if he was hidden from the sun by …
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Add star quality to the smallest room
BE lit up like a celebrity and bring out your inner star quality with a new range of elegant yet affordable illuminated China bathroom cabinets and mirrors from my-furniture.co.uk. Illuminated China bathroom mirror cabinets are a hugely useful additional item to …
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In the galleries: A celebration of language from antiquity
Two of the pieces include mirrors, an over-obvious way to draw the viewer into an artwork; their frames, which jumble different writing systems on scraps of paperlike ceramic, are the most interesting aspect of them. But most of the … But the artist …
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Nvidia China sinks moon landing hoax using virtual light
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