A couple of good make up cheap photos I found:

Send in the clowns
make up cheap
Image by c@rljones
I’ve had my D50 a couple of weeks but in no way actually had a chance to use it. I decided to just maintain it down in London as a spare camera for when I am down here (and implies I don’t have to hold bringing my D300 on the train with me).

Anyway, my 1st possibility at utilizing it (along with the Tamron 55-200 macro) was in the course of the G20 protests final week in London and got to say It performed quite nicely. The lens expense me £38 new (cheap as chips!) so I wasn’t actually expecting much from it, but it did a wonderful job. Will get some far more pics posted this week (got a tonne of images from Krakow this weekend to get via as well, need to preserve me busy for a although!).

Savoring a inexpensive cigar (IMG_0888a)
make up cheap
Image by Alaskan Dude
We had a wild make-up shoot in Anchorage, Alaska in November 2008. Paige, our Make-up Artist did a fantastic job with the models but Rivkah was one of the greatest – she started off in a Retro outfit, then switched to a Financial Adviser (her actual job), and then went completely punk – wow – what a comprehensive modify.

Nice Make Up Low cost photographs
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